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Smart Solution

Campuspro provide a smart solution to management and staff for maintaining students information also parents can easily communicate and get quick response from teachers without any delay.


Skilled Professionals

We carefully vet, onboard, train, and manage our staff, just like you do. You can rest assured that you are working with a competent team of skilled professionals.


Unmatched Track Record

We have a 98% client retention rate, and 40% of our clients joined us on recommendation of clients we already working with.

Our Portfolio

We as a team committed to provide Custom made software with advance tech and latest features, Flexible modules as per your requirement. So, we can serve you quality software and perfect service to you at any time any where.

School ERP

Campuspro is designed to meet unique and varying needs of the school, college and educational institutions. It is portal for individual dashboard of more

Mobile App

Campuspro is a mobile app for educational institutions to manage student information and achieve transparency in more

Website Development

For alluring, impressive and creative web designs you are the right place. Website designs not only entices the audience but also hold their attention and lasts impression in the more

SMS Service

Bulk SMS for schools is an innovative new notification system that allows schools to make quick and hassle free communication with parents or more


SEO describes a method of making a website recognizable and responsive to Search Engines. We have achieved the satisfaction of the clients with seo more


CMS provides IT Solutions to Simplify Business needs of Our clients in a cost effective manner. This is achieved by our specialist who focus their activities more

Software Development

With Custom development we match your unique requirements, your vision and plans. to achieve you goal, Ready solutions also more

Digital Marketing

Get your buisness recognized among your targeted audience with Enablesoft Solution-Digital Marketing Services focuses on increasing more

Export & Manufacturing House

Our expertise in bridging the business and technology supporting our clients in enhancing the competitive edge and new avenues of economic values more

Smart School ERPCampusPro

Automate your office process.

Admission process & Student management.

One platform for all Admin, Parents and Staff.

User Management and Library Management

Fee, Accounts and HR & Payroll.

Easy analysis with 100+ custom reports.


Dynamic Reports.

Exam and Mark sheets.

Mobile App CampusPro

Management Dashboard

Parents Dashboard

User Friendly Design

Campuspro Mobile App is developed for schools and colleges, allowing school administrators, teachers, parents and students communicate via real-time messaging and stay updated about the latest events. Here are some of the top features of mobile app.

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