One Platform For All

CampusPro is a Mobile App it provides access to Parents, Teachers, Employees, and Management on their phones to get connected with each other. CampusPro highly beneficial for all as it provides real-time information like fee details, online fee payment, homework, attendance, Exam and performance, GPS-based transport activity, and push notifications at their fingertips at any time anywhere. It saves a lot of time and effort for both the school authorities and parents as well.

Key Features of mobile app CampusPro

  • Track Progress

    Parents can track the progress of their child with detailed analytics and know where he/she needs to improve. Moreover, parents check the progress through the year-by-year graph that helps them to keep an eye on their child.

  • Push Notifications

    Parents will get important updates and notifications about upcoming events, exam schedules, courses and syllabus, and important announcements. Real-time updates will be sent to all the parents and students.

  • Diary / Calendar

    This feature will help school authorities to create a school planner, informing all the parents and students about upcoming events, exams, announcements, monthly newsletter, and any other important news.

  • Private Messaging

    Parents can have a one-to-one chat with teachers and school authorities to discuss their child’s performance and exam updates or results. It is an instant communication tool for parents and teachers.


Parents Dashboard

Parents / Students can log in to view basic information, Daily Homework, Exam Marks, Attendance Status, Online Fee Payment by CampusPro - Debit Card / Net Banking, School calendar, Communication with teachers, etc.


Employee Dashboard

An employee can log in to view the basic details, Notice-Board, Mark attendance of students, Student / Management communication, attendance status, and salary details, exams marks entry, easily communicate with parents, etc.


Management Dashboard

Daily / Monthly fee Collection detail, Day closing, Pending fee details, Notice-Board, Class / Employee wise attendance status, Bill approval Send SMS to Students / Employee, etc. It saves a lot of time for the school authorities.


App Manager

App Manager manages Notice Board, Add homework, Add downloads, Set links, Send SMS, Manage calendar mark attendance, bill approval, day closing, maintain student performance report, check Exam marks entry, etc.


Broadcast Message

Teachers can send messages/notices/homework in real-time to any parents & students one on one or can broadcast to all parents in one go. Parents can raise their queries or concern without the need of visiting the school.


Worksheet & Report Card

School teachers can create worksheets as per the school’s curriculum and share them with parents and students. Moreover, parents can also check the report card of their child and communicate about it with their class teachers.